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So what are you going to do when you get to Japan?  With several islands to visit, that could mean hundreds of potential tourist attractions for you to fit in during your stay.  Why not try a few of these?

Start the day right by having breakfast at the biggest fish market in the world.  The Tsukiji fish market in Tokyo opens at around 4 am and if you want to you can take a special tour but you have to be there and registered by 5 am!  Once you have taken your tour you can enjoy a breakfast of sushi and sashimi at one of the neighbouring restaurants.

The third largest city in Japan is Osaka and it is well-known for having a lot of world class restaurants.  Here you can enjoy a gourmet dinner, a performance of traditional Japanese dance and music and a trip to the castle all in one day.  The aquarium in the Dotonburi area is one of the world’s largest and it is a favourite destination for families.

Close to Hiroshima is the island of Miyajima.  This is famous for its red Shinto torii gateway that appears to be floating.  There is the Itsukushima Shrine which has achieved UNESCO World Heritage status and you can take a cable car up Mount Misen to enjoy the spectacular views.

Japan is well-known for its tea ceremonies and it would be a shame to go all that way and miss out!  The tourist information centres in Kyoto and Tokyo can arrange this for you.  The ritual will take place in one of the tranquil rooms that are designed for the ceremony.

Use your rental car to pay a visit to the Sensoji Temple.  It has been attracting pilgrims for more than 1000 years, but the current building is a reconstruction after bombing raids during WW2.  Another top attraction is Himeji Castle, widely considered to be the most impressive castle in the country.  Despite the WW2 bombing raids it has survived very well and dates back to the 17th century.  It has also achieved UNESCO World Heritage status.

Car hire will be useful if you want to travel to Western Honshu to visit the Hiroshima Peace Memorial Museum.  The memorial park was designed in 1949 and thousands come here each year to pay their respects to those who lost their lives when the world’s first atomic bomb exploded.  

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