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      • Lesbos - Mytilene Downtown Car Hire
      • Lesbos - Mytilene Petra Car Hire
      • Lesbos - Mytilene Port Car Hire
      • Lesbos - Mytilene Skala Eressou Car Hire
      • Lesbos - Mytilini Car Hire

      Lesbos Car Hire & Travel Information

      Lesbos is the northest of the East Aegean Islands of Greece, projecting out of the Asia Minor mainland.

      It is a birthplace of numerous poets and writers since the Greek antiquity till the recent years; the island of Lesbos is still inspiring, through this cultural heritage and its natural beauties of landscape contrasts, an easygoing lifestyle, expressed by its people as a familiarity towards all its visitors.


      Lesvos is quite well-known for the great number of its local, traditional products, for instacne like Ouzo, Also, Lesvos is quite famous for its pottery. Agiasos and Mandamados are the two villages that have the biggest tradition in ceramic art. 

      Towns and villages

      The capital of Lesvos is Mytilene, at the east end. A busy town as it concentrates the hospital, the university, the port, the airport, the court, the prefecture and other administrative headquarters.

      Kalloni is the largely modern second-in-size town, located in the center of the island, at the north of the greater of the two gulfs.

      Molivos, the ancient Methymna, the most important destination for a visitor, because of its attractions: the Gattilusi Castle and the whole preserved traditional architecture. Its cobbled, winding streets, stunning views towards the sea, and considerable number of restaurants, bars and cafeterias make it an ideal place to spend an enjoyable evening.

      Eressos is a small dale town at southwest paving the way to the sandy beach, or Skala Eressou, thus being mostly a summer resort. Notably, its fame as the birthplace of Sappho attracts some lesbian couples, but they consist a part of the whole number of Eressos' visitors, as it is a place too beautiful to become isolated.

      Plomari at the south coast in the middle of the two gulfs' openings, is the homeland of Ouzo, the well-known Greek alcoholic beverage.

      Mandamados, at the northeast, for the ceramic art tradition and the locally produced dairy products.

      Agiasos, the picturesque village while ascending onto Olympos.


      Greek is the official and most common language spoken on the island. Many people, especially younger ones, know English as a second Language. Most signs are bilingual or even only English, but spelling usually follows a transliteration the Greek alphabet, which can lead to some confusion.

      Get in

      By plane

      The island is served by Odysseas Elytis airport, named after the 20th century poet, and located in the far South-East of the island, around 8km South of Mytilene. Flights run regularly to/from Athens, Thessaloniki, Chios and Lemnos. Internationally, the island is a popular holiday destination so is served by regular charter flights.

      Currently, Olympic Air, Aegean Airlines and Athens Airways provide daily scheduled services from Athens.

      Get around

      Local buses run on the island to the bigger villages on the island. You can buy tickets on the bus. The major bus stop and information center is located in Mitilini.

      Taxis are cheap and the taxidrivers are obliged to use the taximeter. Taxis based in Mitilini are yellow. Taxis not based in Mitilini are grey-colored.

      A good way to see the island is to rent a car. Most cars can be rented around Kountouriotou Street on Mitilini's harbor front. It is recommend that those renting cars be experienced drivers, as locals on the island drive quickly, and often disregard traffic rules and regulations. Almost all roads on the island are maintained and are in good condition.

      The island offers nice hiking routes between the villages. The hiking maps are available in tourist offices.

      What to see

      The big beach of Vatera at the south part of the island.
      The medieval (Genovese) castle at Mytilene.
      The picturesque village of Agiasos, situated on the north-east slope of Mount Olympos.
      Pyrgi Thermis.
      The small picturesque fisherman's village of Skala Sykamineas at the north side of the island.
      Molyvos, a traditional, touristic village with a medieval fort on the top of a hill overlooking the area.
      The petrified forest on the Western part of the island.
      The Geological Museum in Sigri, one of the best museums in Greece.
      The Ouzo Museum "The World of Ouzo", located in Plomari. is part of Ecommerce Group NV., which offers a range of Ecommerce services. Our holding company is based in the Netherlands Antilles with support offices in several countries.
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