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Faroe Islands

The remote location of the Faroe Islands does not mean that there is nothing to do when you get there.  Visitors can create their ideal adventures when they visit the Faroe Islands.  The stunning landscapes and friendly people mean that this could be the holiday of a lifetime for you.

Many people come here to go hiking.  The islands are largely unspoiled and you can hike almost wherever and whenever you like.  There are ancient paths, remote lighthouses and villages that have long since been abandoned – all waiting to be explored.  The wildlife here is mainly birds and you are sure to see dozens of different species on any hike.  You can also choose to hike around with a professional guide who can tell you more about the different places on the islands as you go.

Boat trips are an essential part of life on any island and during your stay you can go fishing and sailing around the islands.  Even a relatively short ferry ride from one island to another can be a great experience.  Alternatively, travelling around by road is a good way to go sightseeing.  All of the villages are linked and it only takes a short while to get from one side of an island to another.  Car rental gives you the freedom to create your own timetable.

If you enjoy an activity holiday then on the Faroe Islands you can take part in activities like kayaking, diving and horseback riding.  Surfers come here in winter to make the most of the bigger waves, while divers come at all times of the year.

Make the most of car hire services to visit a few of the museums around the islands that tell the story of the history of the Faroese people.  Their crafts and way of life are detailed in the exhibits.  You can also visit churches and culture centres to find out more about the fascinating people that live here.  Contemporary music on the islands is featured in a festival.  The biggest festivals are held during the summer months and thousands of people flock to hear both local and international music artists.

While here, don’t forget to try some of the local cuisine.  You can head for the capital of Torshavn if you want a range of international restaurants, but local dishes are available at some of the smaller restaurants and cafes.  Fish features heavily on local menus as well as lamb, and you definitely need to try some of the locally brewed beer!     

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